What does it mean to be spiritual?  It means that you believe in a power greater than yourself.  It might mean that you are religious, or belong to a church or organized creed or group of believers.

Being “spiritual” may also mean that you are concerned with your soul.  That deep part of yourself that transcends materiality, humanity.  In other words, spirit lacks a human body, but may reside in one.

What is that “spirit,” inside you?  That quest is as old as humankind.  Some believe that a part of God, our Creator – or a likeness of Him – or an image – is at our center.

“Spiritual” may also mean that you sense, feel, or somehow experience something that isn’t necessarily seen by others.  A ghost, or apparition, or phantom might also fit the definition of “spiritual.”

As for me, I feel the Holy Spirit of God inside me.  I always have, since my earliest childhood memories. I don’t remember when, exactly, I began praying to God inside me, but I have since I was very little.

I have seen and experienced God’s actions in my life and in other’s lives, too.  When I needed help, I called out to God, and He was there.  When I weighed 300+ pounds and asked God for a solution – Holy Spirit showed me the way, guiding my steps, infusing me with action and energy.

Do you believe in Spirit?  Have you seen or experienced the presence and power of God, or a Higher Power, in your life?  Please share with all of us by posting a comment below.


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