I know it sounds too easy to be true, but it’s really powerful to ask your “Higher Power
for help. It works. You have to experience it to believe it. There’s
no need to feel shy or embarrassed right now, it’s only you and me.

You can do it totally your own way. You may choose to go through Jesus,
or any teacher: Buddha, Mohammad, Moses, or a guru you have related to,
or speak directly to God himself, or Allah, or to that “Big Master
Energy” or “Higher Power.” Up to you.

The point is…
The simplest way to get spiritual help that I know of is to ask for it. You will of course, find your
own unique way of doing this. I did it very dramatically. I got down
on my knees and called out a prayer:
“God, I give you my life. I’m willing to try this. I need help.
Please help me.” I know that sounds overboard, and truly embarrassing
but I was so desperate, and had exhausted all other possibilities at
that point. There was no other choice.

How has God changed your life?  Please comment below.

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