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This morning, right now, I’m not quite ready for my daily hourly workout.  I have some deadlines to answer (including writing today’s blog!), and some plans I want to accomplish right away.

So I put on the radio to a station that had some high-energy music playing, turned it up loud, opened the doors and went outside in the sunshine and took 10 minutes just to warm up.    I shook anything I could.  I woke up my arms and shoulders with a few claps, reaches and air-shaking, flailing my hands around like a bird.  Then my neck and head asked for some love too.  So I nodded a few times, and then “headed” back and forth as if I was indicating no.  Yes, it was no to stiffness.

My legs wanted to shake.  My knees, a little sore from sleeping in one place for the last 8 hours, joined in the movement.  They picked up the broadcast beat in no time.

Then my butt had a mind of its own.  It wanted to bob up and down and all around.  So I let it butt in.

Then my tummy and chest wanted cobweb removal.  So they began to shuffle and shimmy in the party of one.

After just a moment, I was all in motion.  I noticed myself moving!  It had almost been automatic.  I was breathing fresh morning air.  The sky greeted me, and the sun gave me light and energy.  The ground, Mother Earth, held me strong and safe, and gently cushioned my stomps and romps.

I feel great now.  So here I sit all invigorated, blood flowing, happy as can be – writing to you.  I can’t wait for my noontime hike.

Wanna join me?  Turn on the radio and step outside!


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