I went to a wonderful church in Indiana yesterday, and there was a hymn “God is Able.”  The choir was heavenly, and the soloist fantastic.  The lyrics spoke of God being able to move mountains, solve all troubles, and help us pass the many tests of life, brought floods of tears to me.

God is indeed able, and can rescue us.  He is there when things seems impossible.  All we need to do is reach out and ask Him for help.  He will not fail us!

When I was in my darkest hour of obesity, heavy cigarette smoking, unemployment and trouble in the family – God was there when I asked.  He showed me the way; exactly each little step to take.

He was there so many years ago, when I was at my lowest.  He’s been with me every moment of my life, even when I didn’t know it or acknowledge Him.  He has always loved me, and always cared for me.

I don’t need any faith to know that God is able.  No need to “believe.”  I know He is very real, and always here.

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