If you were among those who overate this past weekend, no problem.  Just get back to normal, and learn from the experience.

Ask yourself what drove you to overeat?  Was it because you were with friends and decided to indulge for fun?  Friends are important, and being social is great fun.  Next time, you might want to consider getting together around an activity, and not have the socializing center around food.  Try a bowling party, or a game of croquet, or a great hike or walk in the park or nearby forest or lake area.

Was it that you wanted to treat yourself after a long, hard week of work (or summer of heavy labor)?  The food tasted really great, and you decided to let it rip? What was it you learned?  Please post a comment below.

The point is now that the weekend is over – time to get back with a normal and sensible food plan.  Get back to eating more vegetables, and less meat and breads (less carbs in general).  I don’t mean go on a “crash” diet – that won’t work and you know it.  Skip the desserts this week, and have fruit instead (like unsweetened apple sauce with raisins, or plain yogurt with a spoonful of honey).


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