Here is a question from a reader: 
Can prayer help with weight loss? 

I believe owning a weight problem and having the courage to surrender and ask God for help is the best way possible. Call it prayer, spiritual communication, meditation, or simply belief–just do it–because it works. 

Once you ask for help, you immediately feel that a great weight is lifted. You’re no longer all alone with your problem, and you feel loved. If you could solve your excess weight problem by yourself, you would have by now. We spiritual people with faith on our side have great power given to us. We should use that magnificent power of the universe! 

Tap into that Sweet Divine Love that’s always there, waiting for us, guiding us, and caring so deeply. If you are at the end of your rope, and have tried everything–congratulations–you are likely to be very ready to put your faith into action. God (Jesus, or Higher Power, Spirit, Goddess, Nature…) is ready for you, too. Just ask through a prayer…right now. Just say, “I need help.”

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