During the years I weighed 400 pounds, I tried solving my own problems with diets, weight loss pills, exercise machines, gym memberships, and fasting to death.

But nothing I tried worked in the long run. I just could not control my own eating. I simply could not avoid unhealthy foods and deadly snacks . I absolutely could not motivate myself to exercise for more than a couple of days or a week at best. 

Honestly, to this day I still struggle to do what’s necessary to stay healthy or be the best weight. My doctor would like me to lose a few more pounds and I would too, but like you, I’m still working on it! However, as I look back over my big problems and assess my life, I can see a lot of recovery. I have lost 150 pounds and maintained it for over 15 years as I write this. But, I did not do it. I cannot do it. Not then; not now. 

Truth is, God has saved me and given me a miracle. Nothing else could explain it. I often eat the wrong things. I try but I still don’t exercise enough. I make mistakes left and right! There’s only one thing I’ve done right. That’s giving 100% of my whole life to God. I rely only on God to see me through — back then at my lowest point, and now. I follow God’s plan for me as best as I possibly can, loving God every second. And God has never let me down.
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