I so love the comments posted last week, in my posting “Is the Fat Covering Something?” and in “Trained to Overeat – Some Responses” so I want to hold a few up for everyone to see.  There are lots of excellent comments, and help, so please take a look.

Patricia wrote:
how does one go about finding out what they are hiding from? I have heard many people(experts) tell us that we need to figure out what we are fearful of in order to face it and let it go and finally lose weight and at the age of 58 and having been overweight my whole life I still can’t seem to “get it” I have tried talk therapy more times than I care to reveal and I just don’t know what it is I am looking for, it’s frustrating!!”
I responded: 
Patricia, in my own life and efforts, discovering what you’re covering up is perhaps the most difficult thing to ever do.  It’s dangerous to uncover it, we think.  Exposing truths puts us into unsafe territory.  Or even can bring terror.  That’s why it’s so protected and covered.
Briefly, simply, find a safe environment — with prayer, meditation, close friends or advisors, and try to see some traces or symbols that may be hiding in your behaviors and beliefs.
It can take a long time, but I have found that God guides us perfectly in ways only He knows.  Trust in his love and care.  Experience true safety in His arms.
It may be you never really uncover what it is.  That’s OK.  Just focus on attitudes and actions, and always do your best, asking God for help to guide you.
Starting Over Again 2010, wrote (and I paraphrase):
I was “scolded a lot” in the past by my Grandmother; she always criticized us, and nothing my brother or I did was ever right or good enough. Simply stated, my Grandmother did not like children; we were just a burden and responsibility.

The only way we could please her was to eat second helpings and repeatedly praise her for her cooking and baking skills. Indeed there was “constant conflict with food”.

I have fought to overcome Grandma’s horrible negative teachings; I still fight the battle. However, “you can win the battle and lose the war”. My battle continues and there will always be a shadow lurking in my mind, telling me I’m not good enough, or smart enough, and will never amount to anything. My brother and Mother have endured the same difficulties; I suspect we will always fight the battle regardless of how “old” we become.

Life is an unrelenting struggle; we must fight to be as happy as we can be, to love and be loved, and to be proud of who we truly are … “God bless us each and every one”.

I responded that I sure can relate to that!  I was deeply criticized and shamed repeatedly in my childhood.

Finally, Janice said, “In all honesty, I do self-sabotage my body because of all the sexual harassment incidents I have had… put that in diet books!”

Janice, you’re very perceptive.  I feel sad that you’ve experienced such horrors.  God bless you.  All I can say is that I relate to that topic, too, unfortunately.

I did write about that in my book, The Joy of Weight Loss.

THANK YOU ALL for reading and posting.  Please come back every day.

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