In case you have not yet joined our spiritual journey, traveling to ancient lands of Egypt, Mt. Sinal, Greece, Eastern Europe, Ukraine and Russia — for our upcoming feature film and book, Mysteries of the Jesus Prayer (click here to join us!) — here’s the most recent newsletter.  This ancient Christian wisdom and spiritual knowledge, can help you in every aspect of your life.  Please tell your friends, family, church and co-workers too!
Mysteries of the Jesus Prayer is a documentary film and book coming in early 2011, bringing you on a journey to the places where the Christian church began.  Simply put, we travel to ancient sites in faraway deserts, caves and forests in search of wisdom from living Christian sages, who teach us about meditation, contemplation and share ancient prayers.
One of these prayers is the Jesus Prayer, or Kyrie Eleison in Greek, or “Lord have Mercy” in English.  For the first time on film we see this prayer in several variations demonstrated and discussed.  The monks and nuns show you how to use it in your life and work.  Don’t miss it!  Here is an example of the many treasures that are coming your way.  
In the Mysteries of the Jesus Prayer film and book, Father Neilos of Saint Catherine’s Monastery at the foot of Mt. Sinai says…

“We have silence, which is really the most important thing. It’s what unites the material with the immaterial. We know that the things of God cannot be learned, they are revealed. We are made in the image of God, and God is a person as we are. In the silence we can know God through the grace of the Holy Spirit.”
“I would say I’m one of the monks of the last times, they say that they will be few in numbers, and few in achievements. So just a few times I’ve glimpsed His grace. But always you’re hungering after it. Because you know knowledge of God is knowledge of oneself.  As God is eternal and without limitation, so is mankind.”
Here is a short sneak preview.  There are many more for you to see and experience at our Mysteries of the Jesus Prayer website.

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