I’m sure I join you, and everyone, that the oil spill, and the BP handling of the oil spill crises needs to end.  Further, we need to be using less oil.  We need to end our dependence on oil, as quickly as possible.
I’m amazed that neither BP nor the media has ever spoken about stopping the oil gushing into the Gulf of Mexico.  They only talk about “containing it” or “capping the oil pipeline,” so they can “capture the oil.”  This kind of thinking makes me realize they probably don’t really care about stopping it – they want to capture the leaking oil and make more money!  It should just be stopped.  They should continue efforts to that end.  Those efforts have seemed to dissipate for several weeks now.  Now, the temporary cap, which continues to leak a lot of oil, seems to be enough in their estimations.  it’s not enough.
The oil spill needs to end!  It’s already the worst ecological and financial disaster the world has ever known.  It just keeps on going and going!  Fish and wildlife are dying. The wetlands and everglades are destroyed.  The ocean water in the gulf is contaminated, and now toxic.  Countless fishermen and women, and local businesses have been annihilated.  The entire tourist industry has ground to a halt.  The oil keeps on gushing.
What’s the status of the “relief wells” they’re supposedly drilling?  We don’t hear about them at all anymore.  What about other companies involved in this disaster, that had no emergency plans?  What about Halliburton and their faulty cement safety seals in the Deepwater Horizon rig that blew-up?  What about Transocean, the owner of that rig?  Read more about them, and how it all happened here, in a NOLA article.  
Furthermore, I want to say publicly that I agree with a suspension of deep water oil drilling in the US.  We shouldn’t be doing it, if we do not have adequate controls and safety measures to prevent another spill like this.  We just cannot tolerate this kind of negligence. We cannot allow our precious earth to be ruined like this, only for gigantic profits.
Let me also say that I personally am working hard to end my use of petroleum products. We installed geothermal heating in our home, and a solar electric system.  I’m driving fewer places, and plan to trade in our old car that uses too much gas.  We’re turning off lights, and saving energy wherever possible.  We all need to get off oil.  Let’s work together to protect our earth, and our children’s futures – for God’s sake.
What are your thoughts?  Please comment below.
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