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June 2010 Archives

Have you gained weight?  Are you struggling with money?  Is “lonely” your middle name?  Do you miss someone so bad you can taste it?  Are you ill or in pain?  Unemployed or struggling with work?  Don’t give up – no …Read More

Did you happen to catch the premiere of ABC Family’s “Huge?”  It’s pretty interesting: it’s a drama about teenage angst and social experimentation, the location is “Camp Victory” a fat camp.  This is one of the now many TV programs …Read More

Let’s celebrate independence!  Independence Day, or 4th of July is coming up in the U.S., celebrating our freedom from England.  Let’s also celebrate freedom from compulsive overeating, and freedom from fat!  Here is a great and delicious recipe for Independence …Read More

This is a really tasty recipe that’s better, and healthier for you – but it doesn’t taste like “heath food.”  No way!  Try it, you’ll like it. Dr. Norris Chumley’s Better Berry Muffins Spray or coat two muffin tins with …Read More

Sometimes people say things that are plain upsetting.  I am easily upset, too, because I’m a very sensitive guy from being criticized, devalued and squelched for a good part of my formative years. That’s why when yesterday at lunch I …Read More

I’m sure I join you, and everyone, that the oil spill, and the BP handling of the oil spill crises needs to end.  Further, we need to be using less oil.  We need to end our dependence on oil, as …Read More

I’ve always said that you don’t have to work out at the gym all day in order to control your weight. All you need is a minimum of 30 minutes a day filled with consistent, moderate movement or activity. And …Read More

We were delighted to host some friends from Thailand last week, a young woman, 23, and her mother, who speaks no English whatsoever. They were so excited to be in the U.S.!  The daughter had been here a couple of …Read More

Today, I want to again feature a recipe for a great start to your day.  It’s a breakfast dish that will fill you up, and keep you energized all morning.  It’s highly nutritious, no fat, and very low calorie but …Read More

I so love the comments posted last week, in my posting “Is the Fat Covering Something?” and in “Trained to Overeat – Some Responses” so I want to hold a few up for everyone to see.  There are lots of excellent …Read More