This morning is not a great morning so far:  gotten a cold, sore throat, irritable, laboring a debate with someone, and there’s lots and lots of work to do with demanding and annoying bosses.  All of that is external, though, I am reminding myself.  At my core, it’s a sunny, happy me!
Why am I fine in the midst of some mild suffering?  I am fine deep down because God is at the center of my being.  I’ve left my messy, error-prone, sinner man aside, and let God take control again today.
God is fresh in my heart today, because I remembered Him.  I began my day thinking of how blessed and lucky I am to be alive again this morning.  Many odds have been beaten; statistics against living have been conquered; God has again given me the infinite astounding GRACE to continue on in this me that I am.
I can stand the pain.  I can do the work.  I will take good care of myself, and ask God for help in staying mindful in eating, moving, getting rest, drinking a lot of water, and with His help, I will not have this cold very long.
No matter what comes, I will keep God first, at the center of my being.


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