I want you to be among the first to know.  I have been working on a documentary movie and book about ancient prayers, once secret — now being brought to the world.  It is called Mysteries of the Jesus Prayer and it is about how these prayers have come from the Apostles, to Egypt, Greece, then spread to Eastern Europe, Russia, Africa, and the Americas.  It’s coming early next year to theaters and bookstores everywhere.

These secret mystical prayers are still in use by monks and nuns in monasteries in these far-off lands, but unknown to most of us.  Now, those who have left the world behind to live cloistered  lives of prayer are for the first time sharing their prayers of the heart on film with the world.

I have been working with a priest, V.Rev. Dr. John McGuckin.  We have traveled to these ancient and hidden places with film crews, searching for spiritual wisdom, and learning about how to pray these ancient prayers.

Please visit our brand-new website, and join our special group — Friends of Mysteries of the Jesus Prayer.  There you will find scenes from the upcoming movie, games, words of wisdom and advice from spiritual masters, and a community of people of faith.

Please go to www.MysteriesoftheJesusPrayer.com  or just www.JesusPrayerMovie.com  and join in.

Have YOU heard about our movie?  Please tell all your friends!  Please post a comment below!

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