Check-out this post in my friend and colleague’s Beliefnet blog, Fresh Living today.  Erin O’Donnell wrote a piece about the portion sizes in “Last Supper” paintings.

She points out a recent study by the Cornell Food and Brand Lab, “Researchers looked at 52 different paintings of the Last Supper created
over the course of 1000 years and measured the size of the meals depicted in
the paintings. They found that over time, artists gradually heaped more
on Jesus’ plate. Main courses grew
by 69 percent, plate size by 66 percent, and bread size by 23 percent.”

Interesting!  The portion size expansion may not be such a recent phenomena.

One note or quibble I have is that the article is titled, “What and How Much Would Jesus Eat?”  Of course that’s catchy, but off the point.  Jesus Christ at the Last Supper wasn’t there to eat, he was there knowingly as his last meal on earth, and gave Himself to us — tangibly and symbolically in the bread and wine.  The meaning of the Last Supper isn’t about “how much did/would Jesus eat?” at all.  It is about how much do WE eat.

Personally, I can never get enough Jesus, and He is very helpful to me in not overeating.

What do YOU think?  Please comment below.

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