Like others, I have a bit of fear and skepticism over the new healthcare reform bill, passed by the House and Senate.  Yet, it’s clear that we definitely do need some sort of healthcare reform!

The facts are that healthcare in America is way out-of-control.  It’s way too expensive for us to afford.  Many people, too many, have no healthcare whatsoever.  Many are sick, and cannot get taken care of.  Way too many face, or go through bankruptcy if they get sick.  Our emergency rooms are beyond capacity, filled with people who cannot get treatment unless it’s become an emergency.

Way too many children are in need of preventative care, and medical care when they get sick.  That’s just not right!  Elderly people are getting dropped from coverage when they get sick.  People with preexisting sickness can’t get coverage.  That’s just not right either!

At the same time, the insurance companies and pharmaceutical corporations are some of the richest on earth.

Sure, I’m concerned about “big government,” and it having to take over the private healthcare system.  We already have a bit of that going on, the Medicare and Medicaid systems.  I wish it wasn’t necessary.  I wish that the insurance companies would have self-regulated, and self-policed themselves, and made sure that healthcare is affordable and offered to everyone – but that’s just not the case.   Like banks and financial companies who got overly greedy who need regulation, the healthcare system does too.

Is this new reform bill, perfect?  No.  But it’s something.  We just cannot keep going the way we were: the rich having healthcare, but middle class and poor families without.  It’s un-American.


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