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As we move another day forward, this the 34th Day since the beginning of the Give-Back Diet, I want to convince you of the joys of yoga.

Yoga is a Sankrit word for “union.”  It all about making connections with your body, with emotions and with God.  I also believe that living your life fully, is an expression of the yoga of life – it is all about making a union with all that is.  The word “yoga” can also be translated to the word, “yoke,” or a kind of joining together, or a harness or discipline.  In its purest definition, yoga is a method of connecting the mind with the body, for the purpose of uniting yourself with the Supreme.  You may practice this in any religion.

Here’s a video of a yoga posture, the Triangle, that I hope you’ll try along with me.  It’s about 10 minutes, and you may do it standing up or seated in a chair.  It does involve holding the breath and stretching, so make sure you have permission from your doctor to exercise before you try this!  If you feel dizzy or short of breath, of course, sit down and breath normally.


— Try a few yoga postures today.  The one in the video is a great start.  Another similar one is just to simply stand up, tall and straight, and feel the earth beneath you, supporting you.  Breathe deeply in, hold it a moment, and then exhale – taking in the prana (life energy in the form of air) and then exhaling all the burdens and waste from your lungs and blood stream.  You may want to do this slowly a few times.  You could also raise your arms to the sky, and feel the celestial galaxies above.  Know that you are right in the middle, in the center of God’s great universe, and that you’re an important part of all Creation.

— Thank God with every breath you take and every step you take, as you move around today.

— Do your best to have a meatless day today.  I wrote some suggestions of ways to limit meat and saturated fats yesterday, please refer to it.

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Q:  How did you feel during and after trying “the Triangle” yoga posture?  Please post!

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