Dr. Norris J. Chumley Satisfied Life

It’s Saint Valentine’s Day (and Nate’s 18th Birthday), and the 41st loving day of the Give-Back Diet!  Congratulations!  Feel the love!  I feel so happy I want to dance!  Will YOU dance with me?

Yes, I’ll freely admit it’s silly.  But it’s just you and me here.  Who cares?  Let’s have FUN!


— Play the video again and again.  Keep dancing.  Put on some music, some fast music and get in the groove.  Dance and play today.

— Call up a friend and go for a walk.

— Sign up for a dance class, and go at least once a week.

—  Be sure to write in your “Give-Back Diet” journal that you danced and had a great time today.  Stay conscious of your food, and keep track of what you’re eating.

Post a comment below by filling in the blank, please:  I felt _________ when I danced today.  Then write a word of encouragement or two for folks reading your comment, to get them up and moving, too.

If you are new to this column, and new to the Give-Back Diet, welcome!  Please take a look at the whole program here.