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I want to applaud you for staying with me through the entire Give-Back Diet.  This is a special day.  I don’t think of it as an end, I think of it as a continuation, or a new beginning – this …Read More

Alright! It’s the 55th and next to the last day of your new beginning on the Give-Back Diet.  Many of you have made great efforts, seen some great weight loss results, and made some lifestyle changes that have put you …Read More

Here we are in the last stretch of the “Give-Back Diet.”  It’s the 54th day of 56 in total.  I’m taking the next few remaining days to encourage you to keep doing what you’ve been doing!  If you haven’t started, …Read More

Hello, and Happy 53rd Day of the Give-Back Diet, a weight loss, healthier lifestyle program.  We’re coming to the beginning of the continuation phase of the “diet,” thinking very positively.  We will wrap-up the initial 8 week starter series with …Read More

I wrote last week, “if you want to be loved, be loving.”  Today, this 52nd day of the “Give-Back Diet,” let’s expand on a technique I’ve learned for offering love to others, in a way that they need — listening. …Read More

We’re at the 51st Day of the “Give-Back Diet.”  All along, I’ve been recommending that you eliminate or avoid added sugar and eat whole grains.  Also, develop a regular healthier eating plan.  Today, I want to again feature a recipe …Read More

Our good management friends at Beliefnet would really appreciate you completing a survey about this blog, and others on It is only one page and should only take a couple of minutes. It would help me and this blog …Read More

Are your troubles getting the best of you?  That is, your opinion of yourself – the best person that you are?  For today, the 50th Day of our “Give-Back Diet” program, let’s get to the root of the problems: self-esteem. …Read More

Here we are, at the 49th Day of the Give-Back Diet.  It’s a pleasure to be together with you, day-by-day.  A few of you have asked me about what to do when your appetite is “out-of-control.”  So I offer you …Read More

We are eating healthier, saving calories and money on the Give-Back Diet, this 48th Day.  Today, I want to encourage you to save at the grocery store or supermarket. Buying generic or store-brand groceries makes good sense.  Did you know …Read More