Go team “Give-Back Diet” go!  Keep up the good work!  Today, let’s talk habits.  We know a lot about bad ones.  Let’s delve into good ones.  Yes, it’s absolutely possible to lose weight and gain new healthy habits, no matter what you may think.

I’ll keep this short today.  To break my routine of writing long columns!  I will share my routines, but I’d love it if you share yours too, by posting a comment below.  This will help you “give-back” in a lot of ways: going public with your commitment to healthy living; inspiring others with new ideas; making your best intentions real.


—  Connect with God (or Spirit, or Higher Power, etc.) the second you wake-up, and routinely pray and think of God whenever you start something new, like putting on clothes, going out the door, answering the phone, before meals, driving, seeing people – everything!

— Have the same healthy foods on a regular basis.  Here’s what I eat, it’s a simple tried-and-true routine that’s helped me keep 160 pounds off for over 17 years.  Breakfast: small bowl of oatmeal and fruit.  Lunch: bowl of soup and a salad.  Dinner: serving of protein and two vegetables.  Snacks: cut vegetables and humus or yogurt with cut-up fruit.  Night: tea with Stevia.  Lots of water throughout the day.  Coffee: 2-3 cups a day.

— Re-create every day.  Here’s my routine, which I’ve done for years and years:  Dance class 1-2 times a week (90 minutes each).  Walk for an hour every day or go to the gym and do an elliptical machine or treadmill for 30 minutes at least once a week. I listen to headphones while doing it, playing really fun music that I love, or audio-books, or podcasts.  OR, dance/stretch with my wife at home for 30 minutes.  OR  do yoga for an hour to a video, or a yoga class.  Why?  I feel good when I do, so I want to feel good every day and keep the weight manageable.

Am I perfect?  No way! I sometimes stray off the routine.  However, if I do, I immediately, routinely ask God for help, and then do something to correct the error, like have less food the next time, or even skip a meal if I’ve overeaten.

Tell us what YOU want to do for your new routines. Please post!

Come back tomorrow, please, and tell all your friends to join us.

If you are starting the program anew today – welcome.  Start here.  Or refer back to previous days, and just begin.

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