Today on the Give-Back Diet, Day 21, let’s take stock on what we’re giving back: the unhealthy foods and how we are giving back to others.

In the past 2 weeks, we have been encouraging each other to stop buying junk food, and fast food – in favor of healthier, fresh food.  I’ve encouraged you to eat more vegetables and fruits, and whole-grains.  In addition to eating foods having more nutrition, what is also happening is I am suggesting you eat more fiber in your food.  Eating whole food that has the fiber still in it is good for you in many ways:  it fills you up with less, it helps in digestion, and some of the high-fiber foods can help lower cholesterol.

What processed foods, like fast-food and junk food snacks have you given-back to the multinational corporations that make them?  What have you replaced them with?  PLEASE POST.  How are you doing on weight, and body measurements?  PLEASE LET US KNOW IN A POST.  Are you trading donuts for apples?  Are you giving back the candy-bar afternoon treat for a smoothie?

I’m also encouraging you to shift some of your focus away from your own problems and struggles, and give-back some help to others.  I see you’ve been posting and sharing what you’re doing; that’s so GREAT!  Today, let’s also think about what you can give-back to your community.

Have you been to a weight loss/health support group?  You might want to try Overeater’s Anonymous, or another 12-step group.  Many hospitals offer groups at low cost or free.  Also, you may want to volunteer your time at a senior center or recreation center.  Churches, also, are great places to get people together.  If you can’t find one that’s right for you – suggest to your pastor, priest or leader that a group be started – you may even want to be the leader.

Helping others is so rewarding, in many ways.  Making a commitment to help a friend, or someone who is having a hard time, allows you to learn new ideas, and feel good that you’re doing something meaningful.

Please, teach us!  Tell us about your experiences helping others, and offer some ideas for how we can reach out, and give-back.


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