Yesterday, I just felt run-down, scratchy throat, and some sniffles.  It was after a week of really hard work and deadlines, and I had stayed up too late the two previous nights.  I’m not feeling myself today, either.  Time to slow down.  Time to pay attention to my needs and recover a bit, so I don’t get really sick!

My body is telling me to take it easy, get more rest, eat light, and drink plenty of fluids.  So that’s exactly what I am doing today.

My soul is telling me to slow down, focus, rest and get plenty of prayer.  I’ve been pushing too hard; it’s time to pull in my reins and slow the pace.

So slow and easy, lots of care and rest today.

How are you feeling today?  I hope you’re well.  And if not, I hope you’re taking good care.

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