Dr. Norris J. Chumley Satisfied Life

There’s nothing like a spiritual community where you can feel instantly
understood and appreciated for what you believe in and experience.
You’ll hear other people’s experiences, too, which often helps you to
deepen your own.

There are religious, church based groups, and there are spiritual,
non-denominational groups, and there are gatherings of people who just
want to get together. Some have educational components: bible study,
meditation classes, book clubs, or discussion groups. Others offer peer
group support and counseling, emergency assistance, or just
There are an abundance of anonymous support groups, with a spiritual
emphasis, that can really be of great inspiration and release.

Local houses of worship or community centers are a good place to start finding out
what’s available in your area. The Internet, too, on websites and in
listings you enjoy and trust, offers good resources.

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