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Tell the truth today, as much as possible, in every instance. Say what you’re really feeling and thinking — unless it would actually hurt someone for them to hear it. If you find it hard to reveal your true thoughts, …Read More

Last week, I wrote about surrendering your problems to God.  Last month, I wrote about surrendering your problems to God.   Have you tried it yet?  I encourage you to right now. A way to really solve your weight problems …Read More

Have you ever been to an anonymous support group meeting? They can be really interesting and valuable and you meet people you can relate to, because they’re having similar experiences with being overweight. You can also discover cool groups at …Read More

I’m pretty happy that they’ve taken the “F” out of KFC.  Now it should be KGC, for Kentucky Grilled Chicken.  The massive chain has begun grilling instead of frying everything.  Be careful, though, there’s still lots of fat, sugar and …Read More

Here’s a really fast, easy, and delicious way to make an entrée: Use salsa as a sauce (that’s what the word “salsa” means to begin with)! Buy an inexpensive jar of tomato salsa (mild, medium or hot) and spoon it …Read More

This is a really different, delicious, and healthy dessert.  It’s a spectacular finish to a barbecue grilled dinner of any sort – as it goes well with any grilled meat or vegetable.  It’s my own original creation, and I’ve never …Read More

This is an easy and very tasty low-fat and healthy dish that will leave you very satisfied.  You can grill, bake or boil the chicken.  Serves 3-4.  Add a half cup of brown or wild rice on the side, if …Read More

If I go just a few days without exercising or moving, I don’t feel good!  I feel very tired, sluggish, and in need of long naps. It used to be when I was obese just getting up and taking a …Read More

Many overweight people use food to comfort themselves. After all, food is something we cannot live without, and it’s one of the primary ways for people and families to connect with one another. The only trouble is, it can become …Read More

Didn’t do so well on your food plan yesterday? Today’s a new day. Couldn’t find time to be active, go outside, play, or have fun yesterday? Today’s a new day. Make sure to take good care of yourself today, because …Read More