Dr. Norris J. Chumley Satisfied Life

I just want to take a moment to say that I care about you.  Sure, it’s true, I may not know you directly, or even by name.  I care about you, though, dear reader.

That’s why I write this daily message.

I know the pain of being trapped inside a fat or overweight body.  I was once 400 pounds at my highest weight.

I understand the suffering of doing everything I could think of, to little or no avail.

I’ve known ridicule and bullying.  I have often faced not fitting my clothes, and not fitting in with people.

Yes, I’ve been way down and hopeless.  I’ve been at the bitter end of possibilities.

All that helped was knowing someone cared, and knowing that my Creator cared.

I want you to know that I care, too.  I’m here for you.  I write these daily messages in hopes of reassuring and comforting you.  I think of new ideas and do my best to share with you what worked for me and my clients and other readers.

So don’t give up.  Know that if you’re at the end of your rope, at least I’m there to lend you a hand.  Know, above all, that God is there, too, always ready and all powerful, just for the asking.

If you are someone in need, or someone who want to help others, please post below — tell each other that we’re not alone in this struggle.

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