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Let me ask you: are your overeating habits and pleasure more important than your life?

It really comes down to that life or death question.

Is the brownie ice-cream sundae dessert, and regular daily desserts worth a heart attack or stroke because the fat filled your arteries and blocked the blood flow?

Are the huge plates of food and seconds of everything really more important than keeping your weight down, and having a longer life filled with love and connection with family and friends?

Is that plate full of cheese-covered fried tortilla chips with guacamole we call a tostada really worth potential years of agony due to obesity related cancer?

Is sitting watching TV for hours more important than going out for a walk or moving your body and staying fit and healthy?

These are brutal, tough questions, but they’re no exaggeration.  We both know it.  Ask yourself these life or death questions when you are choosing food, activity, true happiness from a healthy life, and longevity.

You may think you can’t control your dangerous negative habits, and I believe that’s true.  We cannot control ourselves, and there’s just never enough willpower.  That’s where the power of belief and love for God comes in.  Ask yourself the question: are my overeating habits and pleasure more important than my life?

Then ask God for help to make the right choices, again and again.   Then let some time pass… God will help you through the problem, again and again.

We would love to hear how YOU answer the question of life or death when it comes to eating, activity and healthy behavior.  Please post a comment.  Also – let us know how God has helped you make the right choices.

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