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Some people do well in gyms and health clubs, but most of my clients and readers do not.  Most people I know who have zealously joined gyms have gone for a few days and then stopped, wasting tons of money, …Read More

Florence Serecka wrote a very inspiring comment awhile back, commenting on my blog, “Lose Weight with God.”  It stuck with me, and stayed with me for a month now, and I want to share it with you.  I wanted to …Read More

I understand how it feels when you’re not at your best. Perhaps you feel flawed, unworthy, or hopeless. Maybe you feel sick, drained of energy, listless, or depressed. Or is it that you just feel so fat and ugly, and …Read More

A lot of readers have been asking why the lost weight comes back, despite diligent efforts.  While I cannot answer everybody’s specific problems, and it would be inappropriate for me to do that, I do often try to generally address …Read More

I’m shocked and saddened this morning over our friend, MIchael Jackson’s death.  I’m also happy for him that he is now with his maker, after such a wild life of extremes. There’s an infinite amount being said and written about …Read More

A couple of our readers shared their love of cooking fish for us. Merk, shared two recipes for fish last month.  These look great.  See if you like them. Blackened Tilapia INGREDIENTS: 4-6 Tilapia Filets2 Tbsp paprika 2 tsp salt …Read More

One of the simplest ways to save money on food is to eliminate impulse buying of foods you don’t need or aren’t good for you.  The way to only buy what you need is to take a little time to …Read More

A way to quickly save money is to immediately end the bottled water habit.  This will help with the budget, and also help save the earth – it’s a totally “green” way to go. Plastic bottles are expensive.  Eliminating a …Read More

Here’s another idea to add to this month’s collection of ideas and ways to save and lose weight at the same time.  Today I want to suggest a healthy cooking party! Invite a few friends over, say 3 or 4, …Read More

Sonya A. said it all, “For the majority of my life I “chose” to imprison myself with food, low self-esteem and weight issues, it was not until recently with a much renewed connection to All Mighty God that I am …Read More