This week I wrote a lot about workouts, that dirty word “exercise,” and the motivation to just get up and do it.  It starts with the mind, and the body follows along.   This is the link to my original article, “Motivation For Movement.”

Here are a couple of comments that speak to how and what a few of us have learned.  They are both anonymous.  Perhaps they just forgot to write their name in the “name” box.

“I used to feel that if I didn’t maintain a “perfect” workout schedule, I may as well not bother to work out at all. “Perfect” was an impossibly high goal of exercising twice per day, five days per week. I’d stick with it all right–for all of one or two weeks. Then I’d be so burned out that I’d skip three weeks…come back and do another marathon for a week, then skip two more. Needless to say, I was not making ANY progress, either in terms of weight loss or getting better conditioned. Now, I work out in a more sane manner, and plan numerous rest days into my schedule. This is so much better, and I can stick with this schedule. Oddly, I’m working out fewer times but more consistently, and seeing results–not just weight loss, but actually building strength and stamina. That is truly, for me, a lesson learned.”

What I love about this person’s experience, is that they did not give up, and they learned from being over-zealous and doing too much.  They were persistent, and finally found a regular, daily routine that is just right.

“Trust me when I tell you that you can talk yourself out of doing anything and I used to be the first person to do that. But no more, I’m committed to changing my bad habits of being a couch potato and eating junk. As long as you get up and move for at least 30 min per day, you’ll be feeling great! Don’t have the time? Break it up into 3 10 min. mini-walks or workouts. That’s what I do. I have a full and busy life with work and family but I’m making ME a priority and praising God along the way for each achievement!”

All the right ingredients for daily success that’s do-able.

Thanks so much, both of you, for sharing how mind influences body, learning from experience, and NOT GIVING UP!

I’d love your comments and experiences, too, please.  Comment below!

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