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Take the time to get together with people who are spiritual. It’s called “fellowship” and it’s really valuable and wonderful. There’s nothing like a spiritual community where you can feel instantly understood and appreciated for what you believe in and …Read More

Hey, there’s a lot of buzz about eating out at restaurants, fat loss and weight loss.  I think that’s pretty ridiculous.  It’s really hard to lose weight eating a lot of sugar and fat at fast food restaurants!  Food lovers, …Read More

You can probably imagine, I get a lot of questions.  I love it that people ask, although I cannot answer every one of them.  This one gets to the point, and a lot of people ask it on a regular …Read More

My friend’s dad, Bernie, taught me his trick for having dessert (but not really). He has one little tiny piece of high quality chocolate every day, in the evening. Just a sliver. He lets it melt slowly on his tongue, …Read More

Two reader’s comments struck me this morning as being on-target. One about mysteries of self-abuse, the other about the power of spiritual practice.  Not a direct problem and answer counterpoint, but somehow, these relate.  I hope they will for you, …Read More

Here is a great sugar-free and lower-fat pie treat that’s easy to make, with exotic sweet fruit and no artificial sweetener.  The fruit is so sweet you don’t need additional sugar. You can use a frozen piecrust, or make one …Read More

This week I wrote a lot about workouts, that dirty word “exercise,” and the motivation to just get up and do it.  It starts with the mind, and the body follows along.   This is the link to my original article, …Read More

What’s your family genetic history? We all have good genes, and not-so-good genes. It’s best to be informed and aware, so that you can make choices to have the best, longest life possible. Knowing your genetic tendencies allows you to …Read More

If you are in the U.S., we’re celebrating and honoring those who are not here with us.  The holiday was originally set to honor those dead from war and battles, but I like to remember everyone who has passed.  I …Read More

You are here because your ancestors were. You exist because God gave you life through your parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, and your ancestors since the beginning of time. Forever and ever, “unto Ages of Ages.” They weren’t perfect, and I bet …Read More