What makes you happy?  Is it losing weight and keeping it off?  Having a lot of money, lots of cool stuff, and living a rich life?  Is it that happiness depends on being famous or well-known?  None of the above for our readers!  Well, may be a little weight loss and staying healthy, certainly!

From what our readers have been writing in the excellent comments this week – happiness is mostly about having a loving family, and being with God, who takes care of us in so many ways – being there when we need Him.

Rick Millward, a regular reader and commenter on this blog, wrote one simple sentence that seems to speak for many of us: “I am happy when I can pay my bills, have food to eat and enjoy my family.”  Thank you, Rick.  Glad you’re with us.

In these troubled times, having enough money and food is really important, and a big challenge for everyone.  Everyone I know is having a hard time with money.  Having enough, providing for our families, and ourselves, that’s high stress.  We must have the basics, or life is really a struggle.

Family is so important too.  Loving others and being loved, being cared for and connected is so wonderful.  Humans are creatures of connection; we cannot live very well alone; we need to be in communities, and families.

Above all, our Creator, God, is to me the center of all life.  God is there when you need Him, loving us, helping us.  We are in God’s universal family, and we belong.

We’d love to know what makes you happy.  Please post below.  Tell others about this community. Please bookmark/favorite this blog.

The original article, Happiness Lives, may be found by clicking here. 

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