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As nighttime eating is a difficult problem for me and many of our readers, I have some suggestions.  A lot of experts say just “don’t eat at night,” or “never eat after 8pm,” but a lot of folks just have […]

Did you see the article on apples from the other day?  Take a look here.   Here are some further ideas, from our fellow readers and posters!  Please add your favorie apple recipe to our collection.  Remember, “An apple a day […]

Here’s a way to have your bacon and eat it too!  Today, I offer you a method of cooking bacon that has less fat, and therefore less calories per serving.  It’s baked instead of fried.  It’s very easy, too.  Bacon, […]

I just joined the ranks of those who Twitter.    drnorrischumley (my Twitter nickname). Sign up for my latest weight loss and wellbeing news, my personal (insider) comments, and lots of prayers and praises. I’d love to have you […]

Here’s a really easy and simple way to make vegetables satisfying and delicious.  The secret is not oil or butter, as it is in a lot of recipes, but flavored vinegar, herbs and spices.  It only takes a few minutes […]

This week, salads are hot!  Here are some variations of the recipe for salad I wrote last week, from folks who commented.  To see my original recipe for salad, click here. Please add your ideas and recipes for more variations, […]

I want to thank you so much for your kind words of condolences about my Father-In-Law’s passing.  I feel your love and warmth very much, and my wife does, too. Here’s the prayer I wrote for him last week, in […]

A Q&A Day! At our kid’s school the typical menu is fried chicken, French fries (or some other potato) and sometimes salad. Peanut butter and jelly is available every day. Dessert is served every day. The kids are not allowed […]

Do you remember that old expression, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away?” It’s true, you know! Eating fruit every day gives you vitamins, minerals and fiber – all good for your body – muscles, organs, and digestion. It […]

I’ve discovered this great little take out place, not so far from where we live.  They have only one item on the menu – baked falafel sandwiches in whole wheat pita bread.  You can then help yourself to vegetable “toppings” […]