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Here’s an idea you may enjoy trying. As you take your shower for the day, imagine that you are not only washing your body, but that you are also washing your psyche! Imagine that the stress from your fears, worries […]

Please add your thoughts and feel free to confide your problems in last week’s posting, “Confidentially Relived,”  I really appreciate what you wrote.  We are all in this life together, and the Internet is a great way for us to […]

Overeating is a form of self anesthesia. What we’re trying to do is find other non-destructive methods to feel better. Here are some other, less self-destructive ideas for managing the pain and difficulties of living: Try moving. Flexing your muscles […]

Q: I thought that we are supposed to eat when we are hungry and stop when full. Is it is OK to go all day long without eating? What if you don’t get a hunger pang all day? A: Everyone […]

You need to eat less than you were eating in order to lose weight. But don’t diet! The idea is to eat moderately, from all five food groups (including a small amount of fats and sugars). Eat three small meals […]

How do you simplify your life?  Yes, it’s become a cliché, but it’s really a good thing to do, especially in these days of complexity, materialism and debt.  Join the online conversation and post, please, about how you are taking […]

What does having a “satisfied life” mean to you?  Join the discussion and tell us. Given that the spirit and substance of this daily column is a “satisfied life,”  my editor, Holly, suggested it would be a great idea to […]

Oh my, yesterday I just did not want to go to the 4th of a 6-week yoga intensive class.  I’d had a big lunch with a business client, and truthfully, a couple of glasses of wine.  I felt too full.  […]

Again this week, you all have really been terrifically interested and involved, posting some excellent comments.  I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts.  Here is one from Chris, who discovered that what she thought was a little […]

Here’s a question from a regular reader, Can I safely lose weight fast? A:  No, you cannot lose weight quickly and maintain your health. 2-3 pounds per week is the most anyone should lose, according to most doctors and researchers. […]