This little book, “The Soulmate Secret,” written by Arielle Ford (January 2009, HarperOne), could bring miracles in your love life, as it did for her and her BIG LOVE soulmate, Brian Hilliard.

The ancient Law of Attraction is at play here (like in the recent books and video, “The Secret,”) this time Arielle Ford has uniquely and creatively applied it to relationships.  Arielle knows this law of attraction better than almost anyone I know – she helped attract people to the work of her clients, Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen, et al, and is a co-founder of the Spiritual Cinema Circle.  She’s been helpful to me with my mission to help others, too, and she and Brian are cherished friends of mine.

This simple but powerful little book presents a highly interesting and informative plan, with simple yet concrete steps to take to become ready for your soulmate, to creatively and concretely visualize him or her, to make a “Treasure Map,” use guided meditations and visualizations, become free of past “baggage” and relationship traumas, and especially to find love in yourself as well as in your life mate.

Not stopping or settling for just a great relationship or wonderful sex, Arielle Ford guides the reader to find BIG LOVE, the total relationship of your wildest most wonderful dreams.  I think it can also help you apply “The Secret” to many areas of your life, in order to manifest spiritual love in your life – what could be better?  God only knows!

Get it at your local bookstore, and visit their website,

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