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Here’s a question from a regular reader:

How do I get in the habit of writing down everything I eat? I have
tried, but I end up tossing the notebook down after 2-3 days. It seems
like such a chore even though I know it will help me focus on my diet
more. Do you have a secret you can share with us?

Logging is so effective, but it does require effort and interest.

One of my clients, Nancy, at my Kripalu workshop
has been logging for over several years now, and has lost almost 60 pounds by
doing it. I still log after 16 years, but mostly in my head.
Don’t feel alone, though. Most of my clients don’t like to do the
logging, even though it really works.
As always, I encourage people to look deeper, under the symptom.

is it about logging that makes you stop after only a few days? Is it
too much work? Are you suffering a problem with the discipline? Is it
making you painfully aware of some things you’d rather not face?
OR, please allow me to really get deep. Is it that you don’t want to
lose weight or get healthy at all? Let’s be real with each other. If you do not change some habits, like starting to eat less or healthier,
or use your body daily, you will not lose weight. I know – it’s hard,
sometimes next to impossible. That’s where God comes in to help.

Let me assure you that becoming conscious is very joyful. Let the
logging allow you to understand yourself and your patterns, both
positive and negative. It can be a really beautiful revelation. Just Do
It! And ask God for help.

If you have a question for me, please write it as a comment below.  I cannot promise to answer everything because I get lots of emails, but check back often and see if your question is addressed.

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