Here’s a start-of-the-week wake up call.

Ask yourself, how bad are things?  How much do I need to cut back: spend less, eat less, save more, take time to do things well, be good to myself?  The list can go on and on.

Really, how bad are things for you right now?

How overweight are you?  Are you in a dangerous situation?

Are you in poor health? In pain?

Are you in debt – a little or a lot?

If you are at the point where things are really bad, ask God for help.  Do things differently now.

Ask God for help to eat less and make healthier choices.   Then eat less and make better food choices.

Ask your Higher Power to help you through the dangerous crises.  Then take action to maintain your safety.

Ask God for your health to improve.  Then do something to get better, like taking time today to really do something healthy like doing yoga or walking, or by calling your doctor, or scheduling that procedure you must have.

Ask the Lord God to show you the way to spend less, then do it.  Look into refinancing, debt consolidation, or call your bank and schedule a meeting to discuss your situation – and keep asking God to help.

Anything is possible IF YOU BELIEVE.  You can get better by praying and then taking action.

If things are very bad right now, and it’s an emergency — of course seek professional help.  Prayer will help you make that emergency call.

Post a comment with a prayer you can share.

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