Recently, a lot of people have been forced to stay at home for longer periods. For some people, this was the greatest news ever and for others, the news was debilitating. The problem was not so much that they had to stay at home, but rather that the space that they lived in was not conducive to rest or relaxation.

Now is the time to set up space where you can relax and meditate, but there are a couple of things you need to create the perfect meditation space in your home. Once everything is in place, you will soon be able to experience peace and serenity.

Lighting and temperature

It does not matter how comfortable a room in your house is, if the lighting is too bright or too dim, you will not be able to relax. This is why you should choose an area with natural lighting to set up our mediation spot. Secondly, the space that you want to revamp needs to have the perfect temperature.

If you have ever tried meditation in the cold or while you are sweating from the heat, you will know that it doesn’t work. 5 Star Repair Services Inc. can come and do that AC in no time. AC repair Houston has never been easier and your space will be one step closer to being perfect.

Keep it free from clutter

For all the OCD types out there, clutter is the ultimate meditation breaker. Even if you do not have any form of OCD, people just tend to focus a bit better when there is no clutter in the way.

It is not necessarily the clutter that throws them off-key, but rather that it keeps the mind active. When meditating, a clear space will help to facilitate an environment where the mind can focus and not be distracted.

Tech free zone

If there is one thing that the people of today cannot function without, it is their tech. Although it is meant to make our lives easier, it also fills our lives up and consumes our every waking hour. Your meditation space should be clear of any tech, which means no visible TV, computer, or mobile device.

While you try to relax, you will constantly be tempted to view your latest messages. If we are honest, the majority of messages that we get are not important, yet we constantly want to see what is going on and never get to spend time in silence.

Calm and comfortable

The furniture in your meditation space is one of the most important aspects that need attention. It needs to be comfortable and cozy. If you have the budget, invest in some meditation cushions as they are designed to relieve pressure and pain in certain parts of the body.

The furniture is only one aspect of a meditation room that brings calm. Go the extra mile and get some scented candles or frankincense to set the tone. The key is to make your meditation space completely distinguishable form the rest of your house.

Natural colors

Stay away from bright colors and go for more natural tones. Bright colors tend to spark the brain and can lead a person to become agitated. The other natural color that you should invest in is indoor plants.

Nature is an organic relaxer that makes outdoor spaces like the beach perfect for meditation. However, in an urban jungle, one has to make do with pot plants. Do some research and get some plants that produce plenty of oxygen to keep the air in the room perfectly fresh.

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