Christian Broadcast Network (CBN) founder, Pat Robertson has returned to TV just ten days after suffering a stroke. The 87-year-old televangelist made an appearance on “The 700 Club” for the first time since he suffered an embolic stroke in February.

Back on Air

“I’m back,” said Robertson. “I’m back on television!”. He thanked God for transforming what could have been a “crippling illness” into “miraculous healing.”

It turns out that the vibrant televangelist didn’t even know he was having a stroke. It was his daughter-in-law who saw that he was having problems speaking and in maintaining his balance. She promptly called for medical assistance.

Once in hospital, he was given tissue plasminogen activator (tPA), which dissolves clots. Just minutes later, he once again became cognizant and could move his legs and arms. In a release, the CBN referred to it as a “tPA miracle.” In the same release, Robertson and his family heaped praise on the medical professionals who cared for him.

A Miracle

Robertson Snr., who founded the TV show in 1966, described his recovery as a “miracle.” He said that every minute a stroke remains untreated, two million brain cells die. He was fortunate that his stroke was just beginning when his daughter-in-law realized something was wrong.

Robertson is delighted to be back in action and to carry on with his duties. He expressed his gratitude for the love and care showered upon him by his loved ones and his fans across the globe. He agrees that the recovery is nothing less than a miracle. It could have been a long crippling illness but God had some other plans for him.

Gordon Robertson, the televangelist’s son appeared on the network to thank everyone who had prayed for his father’s recovery. Robertson Junior is the company’s current CEO.

So, what is an embolic stroke?

An embolic stroke takes place when a blood clot that has formed somewhere in the body breaks free and travels to the brain through the blood vessels. The brain depends on arteries close to it to feed it blood from the lungs and heart.

The blood brings oxygen and nutrients to the brain to enable it to function. In the case of an embolic stroke, the clot lodges in an artery, blocking blood flow to the brain.

When an artery is blocked, the brain is unable to produce enough energy for proper functioning. This can result in the death of brain cells if the blockage continues for more than a few minutes. This is a stroke. Without quick treatment, the outcomes could be brain damage, disability, or even death, so time is of the essence.

Stroke Symptoms

It is important to know the symptoms of a stroke for both you and others. As Robertson said, time is critical. The quicker a stroke victim can get treatment, the more likely for a complete stroke recovery. Keep an eye out for the following FACT symptoms if you suspect a stroke:

  •      Face: Smile. If one side of the face droops, suspect a stroke.
  •      Arms: Raise both arms. If one arm doesn’t rise as high as the other, suspect a stroke.
  •      Speech: Say or ask the person to say a sentence. If there is slurring or odd speech, suspect a stroke.
  •      Time: If you answer ‘yes’ to any of these three questions, call 911 immediately for emergency medical help. Make a note of when the symptoms started and tell the paramedics.

Don’t waste time calling your doctor or driving to the hospital. Ambulance workers can assess the situation quickly, increasing the chances of getting treatment fast.

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