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For as long as humans have been alive, we have looked to the moon for significance. We can see mentions of the moon in the Bible, for example. In addition, in Greek mythology, the moon was always considered feminine. In fact, Selene, considered the Titan goddess of the moon, is clearly meant to be a symbol of strength for women, and she was attributed the power to ease childbirth, as well as facilitate love.

The moon has also been important to fishermen for centuries, as they attempt to navigate the waters and make sure that they are fishing at the right place, at the right time. In fact, John Alden Knight developed the solunar theory, which hypothesized that animals (including fish) move according to the moon’s location. Although it was developed in 1926, many believe that this theory was used for centuries before by all sorts of hunters and fishermen, and it is still utilized to this day, as well.

We have been able to understand how the moon’s gravitational forces cause tide in the oceans, but does the moon really affect the sleep of human beings? While there are some that might dismiss the significance of the moon, there are others that insist that the moon does play a role in how much humans are able to sleep.

There are some that might consider this more “common sense”-oriented , but the truth is that there is actual scientific evidence that a full moon affects sleep. Of course, a full moon usually means a brighter night sky, but to some – they might believe that the effect on humans is minimal. However, according to a 2013 study, full moons do affect sleep in adult humans. The study involved 33 adults and shows clear evidence that adults have a harder time falling asleep during a full moon.

Your body might also be playing a trick on you. We all know that our body is complex, and has evolved over time to make sure that humans are best-adapted to our environment. The idea is that since the full moon is more illuminating than usual, your body might believe that it needs less sleep – which, in turn, leads to less sleep.

Of course, for those who believe in astrology, your sleep will clearly be affected by the moon, because astrology might be affecting your emotions overall. For example, your astrological sign might mean that you have too much energy to sleep during a certain time of the year, or that your dreams will affect your sleep.

There are many reasons to consider purchasing moonphase watches. You might simply be interested in the moon, or want to consider time in the same way that human beings did in ancient times. For those who fish, perhaps a watch such as this might mean increased productivity, and even profit. Of course, it also might simply make a perfect gift for those who are interested in astrology, or simply intrigued by the moon in general.