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I just read a  report in Medscape about the fall out of legalized cannabis in Colorado emergency departments.  Emergency departments and hospitals are seeing an increase in ED visits following legalization. Those visits reveal an increase in mental illness including psychosis, suicide and other …Read More

We hear a lot today about the mind-body connections. How we think impacts how we feel. How we feel impacts how we think. The process involves controlling neurochemical transmissions in the body. When we think on good things, encourage others and are kind to …Read More

Chronic pain is the primary reason Americans are on disability. One of the main treatments for pain has been opioid medications. But opioids have the potential for abuse and addiction. Because so many people have been prescribed opioids for chronic pain, we …Read More

Living beyond pain is a goal for every chronic pain sufferer. And it’s the title of my new book co-authored with physician Dr. James Kribs (Baker Books). All of us who struggle with pain want improved functioning and quality of life. …Read More

“I just can’t get to sleep at night. And if I do, I wake up.” This woman is one of nearly a third of Americans who are not getting enough sleep. And despite all we know about sleep, the problem seems …Read More

What does a Navy Seal platoon commander tell his men to help them stay strong? And what do Army Rangers say to their team that helps them  endure difficult training? The answer might surprise you because it is not what you might think. …Read More

Why is it so easy for us to instantly think negative thoughts? We get called into the boss’s office and immediately think we are in trouble. Or our elderly parent calls us at a 9:00p.m. and we instantly think something is terribly …Read More

One of the most common questions I am asked has to do with taking an antidepressant for depression. People wonder if it is wrong for a person of faith to rely on medication. Before I answer, we need to be careful not …Read More

Where is God when it hurts? This is the title of one of the many Philip Yancey books I read years ago. And today I am thinking about this title again. Friends of mine have a teenage son who just had …Read More

Worry is something we try not to do, but are not always successful. We know it is not good for us, so why do we do it? Actually, there are many reasons. We may falsely believe worry serves a purpose, stops …Read More