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Co-dependency can hurt  your sense of self and ruin your relationships. Not sure if that is you, keep reading. If you say yes to these questions, you have some work to do. Are you constantly putting the needs of other before yours? Is […]

“I am blocking on the name of that movie! Give me a minute and I will remember.“ Many of us have a commitment to exercise our physical body, but how about exercising our memory and brain? Here are a few things  we […]

You are driving down the road and can hardly keep your eyes open. Note to self–I need more sleep. In fact, if you are awake for nineteen hours, you as as cognitively impaired as someone who is legally drunk. Sleep is needed […]

We all know the child who can’t sit still, is impulsive and easily distracted. And we repeatedly hear that the numbers of children diagnosed with ADHD continues to rise. As we think about why this is so, have we considered the […]

Happy 2019! Do you have high hopes for change? We are only a few days in and some of you are already upset that you have fallen short of a New Year’s resolution. Others are thinking, it’s time to make […]

Here is a gift you don’t want to receive this holiday season–a Merry Christmas Coronary! Take it off your list! Unfortunately, naughty or nice, you may be at risk. According to researchers who published in the Journal, Circulation, Christmas and the New Year […]

Jack has suffered with depression for years. He is one of 5 million people who have what is called treatment-resistant depression. He has tried numerous antidepressant drugs that would work for a while and then seem to stop working. Recently, […]

The root cause of anxiety is sometimes easier to spot than others. Sharon was about to go into her promotions meeting at work, but began to feel her heart race, her palms sweat and her hands shake. She was having trouble […]

Long gone are the days when someone using porn has to wait for a brown paper wrapped magazine to be delivered to his house. Now, thanks to the Internet, the digital world of pornography can be accessed at the click […]

Vaping has become cool for many teens due to the availability of flavored e-juices. The argument goes, I can vape without using nicotine, so it must be safe, right? Wrong, but if you read the number of vaping articles written […]