The other night, one of our newscasters said she was already behind on Christmas! And I thought, it’s only one week past Thanksgiving. How can you already be behind? But I know a lot of people who get overwhelmed and stressed this time of the year because they are not organized. Disorganization is not a mental health disorder, but it can make you irritable and stressed. And both can make other parts of your life worse.

Nothing makes us more stressed than forgetting that important gift, realizing you have two events on the same night (guilty!) and paying huge fees because you forgot to book out holiday travel. And how about not checking those lights for the tree ahead of time. Sometimes, my husband makes 4 or 5 trips to the store for light replacements because we wait to the last minute to check. Not, this year. We already have the new strands.

Why should we be concerned about holiday stress? Well, when you have a lot going on, disorganization can raise your blood pressure and steal your joy. It can keep you up at night and bring on a generalized feeling of anxiety. Thus, organization and a plan of attack can work wonders to make the season merry and bright. Rather than reacting to the moment, develop a plan. and make that plan detailed enough to be helpful. Now, I do realize that some of you thrive on last minute details and planning. If that is you, you don’t need this blog. This blog is for the rest of us who are not adrenaline junkies and prefer an organized and planned approach to accomplishing all we need to do.

Here is my big help. I found this incredible website called Organize Christmas! I just love the name! And just to let you know, I do not benefit financially or know these people. But the title, made me click on the website. Think of this website like a holiday coach. It is filled with ways to get you organized as far back as Labor Day. I know, we are way past that date, but you can still benefit from many of their ideas. They help you break down seasonal chores into weekly assignments. There are planners, countdowns, ways to simplify, de-clutter and clean up. It’s pure genius.

The idea here is to approach this month with an organized plan rather than allowing yourself to be overwhelmed by all there is to get done. A To Do list that is reasonable and breaks down the tasks into doable assignments is going to destress you and allow you enjoy the season. So no more disorganized living! Get your plan, follow through and then relax!

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