We all want a loving relationship. I mean, we married because we thought this is the person I love and makes me happy. But we get busy and tend to ignore that wonderful person we once thought we could not live without. Life gets in the way and we want those loving feelings to linger and grow.  We know this takes effort and sometimes we become discouraged when we get too busy. But no discouragement allowed here!  I’m about to provide you with an intentional strategy that requires 16 minutes of your time and attention each day. It’s not a big idea! It doesn’t require therapy or huge effort.

But it does require 16 minutes of your day.

I think most of us can manage 16 minutes, so here it is. This small investment of time could make a real difference. And it may even spark a little romance and good will.

Are you ready. It’s simple. I got this idea from a seminar I attended years ago by Dr. Gary Brainerd and it seems to work.

Here is how you take advantage of 16 minutes a day:  Take four minutes, four times a day to connect with your partner in the following ways:

1) Four minutes when you both wake up: During that short time, touch, cuddle, talk , get your coffee together, look out the window,  hold hands…you get the idea. Be together when you start your day or four minutes!

2) Four minutes when you say goodbye for the day. Start your day apart, together. Say something warm and positive when you send each other off to take on the world. Give a word of encouragement or a kiss to face the day.When it’s  time to leave the house, make it count for four minutes. A warm send off can make a real difference in your mood for the rest of the morning.

3) Four minutes when you reconnect from your day: You’ve been apart, now you are back together. Greet each other with a kiss and a few minutes of sharing your day. Again, we are only asking for a few minutes of sharing. But when you take time to do this,  you feel close to each other.

4) Four minutes when you say goodnight. Now, end the day with a devotion, touching or hugging, or words of gratitude for each other. End the day on a positive note.  Nor only will feel better, but you will sleep better as well. Who doesn’t want to be reassured of being loved and appreciated at the end of a long day.

You know what you need to do! It’s only 16 minutes of your day!


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