It sure seems like anger is the emotion of the day. People are angry about masks, injustice, work demands, elections, relationship issues, and more. And that anger is stoked by social media and media. Anger and outrage are the top  news stories of the day. It seems there is much to be outraged about.

While anger is a common emotion, it is important to understand it, then handle it properly. It is a powerful emotion. It can be a signal for change. But it can also be destructive and cause problems in your personal relationships or place of work. What are your ideas about anger? How does it work? Take the 10 question anger quiz to see how well you understand anger:

T     F    1.  As long as I don’t look or sound angry, I am not angry.

T     F     2. If I ignore anger long enough, it will go away.

T     F     3. If I punch or throw something, my anger will decrease.

T     F     4. Anger is shameful and not nice.

T    F     5. It’s OK to keep the peace at any price. That is what God wants.

T    F     6. If I express anger, my relationships will be in danger.

T    F     7. Women don’t get angry, just frustrated.

T    F     8. Christian should not get angry.

T    F     9. God knows that sometimes I just can’t control my anger.

T    F    10. As long as I didn’t mean to get so angry, it is not a problem.



The correct answer to all the questions is FALSE and here is why:

1. Anger is something you carry inside of you. Not showing it doesn’t mean you don’t have it. People can carry unresolved anger for years and it shows up in other ways, e.g., health problems, irritability, relationship problems, etc. Keeping anger inside and not letting it go does damage to body, soul and spirit.

2. Anger is an emotion to manage and contain. It doesn’t magically go away. You can be angry but the Bible says not to sin in that anger. So learn to manage your anger and not let it get out of control.

3. These actions actually increase anger. Venting anger increases it. Punching things actually escalates anger as well. It is not true that releasing it in these ways helps you decrease your anger.

4. Anger is a God given emotion that Jesus experienced. It is how we handle anger that matters, not that we have it. Many people in the Bible were angry but the way they responded brought problems or relief.

5. God wants us to live in peace as much as possible. But we also need to work through our difficulties in a loving and gentle way.

6. Relationships are often in danger because of unexpressed anger. When anger is internalized, it can lead to eating disorders, anxiety and depression. The WAY you express anger needs to follow biblical guidelines. Be slow to anger.

7. Ever heard the saying, “A woman scorned…?” Of course women get angry. It is a God given emotion. Think of all the movies you have seen about revenge! Now, we are not to take revenge when angry but we certainly do need to acknowledge the feeling.

8. This is nonsense. Simply look at the biblical examples of people who expressed anger.

9. God gives you what you need to control your anger–the Holy Spirit operates in you and gives you the power to overcome. No excuses. A fruit of the Spirit is self-control.

10. Intention does not excuse hurting people. If your anger is out of control and you didn’t mean it, get it under control and ask for forgiveness. Repent but change.


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