Valentine’s Day is almost here! Are you planning the standard dinner out, flowers and candy? If so, this is nice, but maybe it’s time to infuse a little more excitement into your relationship and ignite a little romance.

The key is novelty! Our brain is wired for it. Novelty helps rekindle romance by triggering the same areas of the brain that lit up when the two of you met. New experiences stimulate dopamine in the brain and that helps to bring feelings of romance. So this Valentine’s Day, here are a few ideas to keep romance alive:

1) Do a couple’s spa night.Women love the spa, but so do men once they are exposed to going. Schedule the two of you for a few hours of relaxation and pampering. Check on-line coupon sites for deals to help with cost. This is actually quite fun and relaxing at the same time.

2) Show love to a stranger or person in need. On Valentine’s Day, we think of doing something loving for our partner. Well, think out of the box. As a couple, go to a homeless shelter, children’s hospital, pet rescue or a setting where showing love can bring joy to others. If this is something you rarely do, the novelty will ignite a spark!

3) Picnic somewhere scenic. Take a blanket, a basket of food and drinks and find a beautiful spot to picnic. For those of us in more northern climates, it may have to be an indoor place with a view, so be creative. You might even drive to a scenic place and picnic in your car. Or, if you have a fireplace, spread the picnic out on the floor! You could even find a beach scene or mountain retreat scene on your TV and picnic in front of the screen with soft music playing.

4) If you can afford it, go to a nice hotel and truly get away. Turn off devices and enjoy the time together. Spend time in new conversations. What are your dreams, hopes, bucket list, etc.?

5) Do something you never do: Sign up for a cooking class, go on a hike or cross country ski, go bowling or play laser tag. I’m sure you can think of a new activity. Remember, new stimulates the brain!

6) Create love notes all over the house with clues on how to find them. 

7) For those of you with a more creative side, write a poem, compose a song, or find quotes that express your love.

8) Recreate your first date. You may not be able to go back to the exact location, but you could use pictures, maps and reminders of the place, then create the date and relive the memory.

9) Create a surprise. Don’t tell your partner where you are going or what you will be doing for a night out. Add a few clues along the way. This is fun and novel.

10) Pull out old photos and reminisce about the most romantic times. Put on soft music, candles and set the atmosphere for more to come!

This Valentine’s Day, create a memory that strengthens the couple bond by doing something new to bring passion to your relationship. Romantic love doesn’t have to fade over time. It just needs a few shots of novelty once in awhile!


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