Highly sensitive people sometimes get a bad rap. If you are one of them, you typically feel and experience things more deeply than other people. You may have heard words like, “You are overreacting.”or “Really, that bothered you?””Come on, get a thicker skin,” “Don’t be so touchy!” Well, no worries. You could be part of the 15-20% of people who are genetically more sensitive. Embrace it, but understand how that sensitivity may impact you.

First, you think deeply about things and can be impacted by even small things. Some would say you are very attuned to the world around you. That can be a positive trait if you control it.

Second, you notice details and those details matter. Some professions love highly sensitive people because of this trait. You may pick up on important things other people miss. And because of your sensitivity, you can work well on a team and care about your team members.

Highly sensitive people might take longer to make decisions because you want the decision to be right, to not hurt people. If you do make a poor decision, it bothers you! You may think about it too much and ruminate. In those cases, you have to learn to let it go and move on. And if you get criticized in the process, it can be difficult to hear.

And this is one of your lovable sides. Typically, you are polite and helpful to others because you don’t like being judged. But because you are a conscientious person, you what to improve and do better.

While there are times when your sensitivity can slow you down and lead to strong emotions, the world needs your sensitivity. You empathize with others and are often a good judge of character. You like it when people live and work together in harmony and enjoyment.

Cheer up. Don’t worry about the criticisms of being too touchy. Your sensitivity is appreciated!


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