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boss-454867_1920How many times this week have you cringed when you heard a comment by a leader? Whether it is politics, media, bosses or community leaders, most of us easily recognize bad leaders. But what is it that we look for to determine if we have a good one? Good leaders are distinguished by a number of traits.

  1. A good leader models the attitude and behaviors he or she wants to instill in others. Leadership is not about a title or rank, rather it is setting a positive example for others. It is acting consistently on your beliefs and values. A leader who directs others to act and then behaves differently loses credibility and trust.
  2. A good leader instills vision. You know the saying, ‘Without vision, people perish.”This is true in organizations. A good leader gets people excited about the future and the mission and vision of an organization. He or she motivates and understands the needs of those working towards the vision.
  3. A good leader challenges the process. While this is disruptive to organizations, it moves an organization forward. The status quo does not bring creativity or increased production. Leaders who can take risks, experiment with change and challenge the process move organizations to new heights.
  4. Good leaders get buy in from their people. They share decision-making and enable others to act. They don’t act alone, rather encourage collaboration and team work.
  5. Good leaders care about others. They provide encouragement, recognize others and show appreciation. It’s not about them, but about the team.
  6. Good leaders get results, but not at the expense of others. They value the process. They don’t win just to win, rather engage in a healthy process that brings others along and share in the victories.



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