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bed-1822497_1920Does it seem like men get better sleep than women? If we battled it out, who would win?

The minute my husband turns off the light at night, he falls asleep. It doesn’t work that way for me. It takes me awhile. I am the one who seems to fall asleep earlier and then wake up earlier. But I also find myself up multiple times a night just because I can’t sleep. Once he is out, he is out.

So when I read about gender differences and sleep, I knew I was on to something. The genders do have sleep differences.

On average…

1) Women need more sleep (6.8 hours) than men (6.2 hours). This doesn’t mean we get it, just that we need it! And when we need it and don’t get it, well… I think you know how that works out!

2) Sleep lab data show men take 23.2 minutes to fall asleep and women take 9.3 minutes. That is a big difference and one that is not verified in our bedroom! Maybe that is why my husband keeps the television on longer –to get tired and work through those 23.2. minutes. But it sure doesn’t seem like I am falling asleep sooner.

3) Women tend to have more insomnia and men have more sleep apnea. Insomnia or sleep apnea? Neither is a good thing. But the snoring can keep me awake–that is why I have insomnia!

4) Women rebound faster from missed sleep. So just give us a few days of good sleep  and we are good!

5) Men report being more satisfied with their sleep than women. Seems we women feel we never get enough sleep and do more complaining.

So to sum: Women need more sleep but fall asleep faster. Yet, women have more insomnia, rebound better and feel less satisfied with sleep.

So who do you say wins the battle of the Sleep Sexes?

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