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job-interview-3410427_1280Awhile ago, I read an interesting article in Business Insider that addressed habits and mistakes that could cost you a job. I thought it would be helpful to pass on a few of those tips in order to prevent mistakes and help all of us know what helps and doesn’t help. While the job reports are positive right now, you still want to stand out as a good employee and person to hire. I chose 10 of the 24 points from the article. Check yourself on these.

  1. If you are looking for a job, Business Insider managing editor Jessica Liebman say always say thank you after an interview. No matter how long or short your time with someone, show interest and thank the person. You can do this by email. It will remind the person about you, show interest and look like you are an organized person.
  2. Be honest and don’t embellish your skills or abilities. Lying is a deal breaker for most companies. And background checks will often verify if your information is correct.
  3. A former medical student once asked why he didn’t get a match into residency. When the residency director gave feedback, it focused on the nonverbal language of the applicant. He looked overly anxious, no eye contact and was anxiously picking at his skin during the interview. His posture was bad and he occasionally yawned. Bad habits and body language sends a negative message.
  4. Swearing. Maybe you think it is common and not a big deal, but it is a turn off to many employers. Watch you language and don’t interrupt the person either. Too much informality sends a message that you don’t know how to be professional.
  5. Talking about demands for the job. If you say you need to sit by a window, need an assistant to bring you coffee and make other demands, you are going to appear to be high maintenance from the beginning. Negotiate demands on the job, not when you are trying to get into a company.
  6. Dressing too casually. I have never had an issue with someone who is overdressed for an interview, but I have been turned off by someone being too casual. Check the work environment and if in doubt, err on the side of professionalism. And check your grooming as well-greasy hair, shirt needs ironing, etc.
  7. Don’t text. You wouldn’t think I would need to say this but it happens. It’s a deal killer.
  8. Don’t be late. Again, this seems to be more of a problem today as young people don’t problem-solve ahead and make plans not to be late. Leave early and account for traffic. Be early and get a coffee.
  9. Do your homework on the company. Nothing is worse than having a job applicant be uninformed about the place they are interviewing. Take some time and do your do diligence.
  10. Present a professional resume or curriculum vitae. Your written material say a lot about your attention to detail and professionalism. It represents you. Make it consistent with the the type of position you are wanting.


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