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praying-2179326_1280A reader sent me this question, “I ask God to help me with my depression every day. Yet, I am still very depressed. What is wrong?

We are body, soul and spirit. This means that sometimes we need to deal with the physical side of an illness along with our prayers. There are many causes for depression and there can be a genetic component as well. Some depressions, like the bipolar types, have an organic component that is helped by medication. The brain is not functioning properly and medication can help correct those dysfunctions.

Other depressions are the result of medical conditions like Cushing’s syndrome, cancer and heart disease. Others can be induced by medications or substance use. In other words, some types of depressions are biologically routed. Others are more influenced by life circumstances that need to be addressed. It is important to get at the root of depression in order to know how to treat it.

Prayer is always helpful, but there are times when we need to act by doing something to make things better. A first step would be to get a physical examination by a physician to rule out any medical cause or contributor for your depression. For example, it could be that your thyroid function needs addressing. Second would be to see a mental health professional and talk about when the depression began, circumstances of your life, stress and other factors that can bring on depression.

Once you have a better understanding about the cause of depression, you will know better how to pray and what to do. Depression is very treatable in most cases, but you have to know what is prompting and maintaining it. And a mental health provider can help choose the type of treatment you may need to consider.

Ask others to pray with and for you. Sometimes we need others to lift us up and one of the issues with depression is feeling alone. Do a search for Bible verses that help fight depression. Versus like Psalm 40: 1-3, Psalm 3:3, Psalm 42:11, 2 Corinthians 1:3-4 and Isaiah 41:10 are good places to begin.

Know that there are people who can help, but you may need to ask. For more information, check out my small book on Breaking Free from Depression.

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