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meeting-1702638_1280Here’s a question you probably haven’t been asked since high school. How popular are you at your office or place of work? Hmmm…you are probably thinking, why does this even matter? Didn’t I leave all the drama behind when I left high school?

Actually office popularity does matter. Psychology professor Mitch Prinstein (UNC Chapel Hill) can list a number of benefits from office popularity including a better chance at getting hired, promoted and getting a salary increase.

And just like that football star who thought he was all that, trying to be important and gain power and attention isn’t the kind of office popularity you want to embrace. Remember how you found that type of person obnoxious and self-serving? Being arrogant and self-promoting can lead people to not like you. They may even stay away from you!

The healthy way to be liked at work is to work on your likability. This usually means valuing the people around you. Basically, care about others and be a kind, good hearted person who works well with others.

And here is an interesting point about being liked at the work place. It’s all about asking questions and follow up questions. Now most of us would rather talk about our ideas, experiences and opinions. Mitch Prinstein, author of Popular: The Power of Likability in a Status-Obsessed World tells us to go ahead, question-ask questions that probe into other peoples’ lives and ideas. Don’t make conversation all about you. Asking about your co-woker signals interest and gives likability.

And one more characteristics deemed important and related to being likable: Be humble. People like humble people. They see a humble person as someone interested in the goals of an organization rather than personal gain. Humility is also tied to good job performance. Humble co-workers are often generous and helpful in times of need. So put on humility! It is a self-less trait that wins the day and other people.

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