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woman-1172718_1920We all want to shed a few pounds, right? But it is not as easy as passing up that gooey brownie or saying “No” to the extra slice of pumpkin pie. Good intentions don’t always translate to results. Our brain is telling us, eat more, eat what you want and forget all this dieting nonsense.

Losing weight is difficult but you can be aware of how your subconscious is telling you to eat. Here’s how:

  1. Our brains remember food triggers. So we can walk past the donut shop, smell the aroma of fresh baked donuts and find ourselves standing at the counter ordering a dozen! Our brains pay attention to food cues and set off a craving response. And high calorie foods are particularly difficult.That said, you can train your brain to ignore those tempting cues. Be intentional.
  2. Dieting is usually our means to lose weight but dieting means giving up foods. The more we resist, the more our wanting that food persists. The forbidden item cries out to be consumed. Deprivation sets up craving, so stop telling yourself that you can’t have something. Just choose not to eat it or eat a bite of it. Don’t go into starvation or deprivation mode.
  3. Choosing a diet plan means restriction and we tend to rebel against restriction. Eventually we say, “Enough of that, I’ll eat what I want.” A tiny break in the rules leads to an all out revolt. “I blew it, why continue.” This is known as diet failure. So stop the rigidity and allow a few favorites to slip in now and then. Too much restriction leads to giving up.
  4. Sugary and fatty foods feel like they are calling your name. This is because eating them taps into the same reward pathway that brings pleasure from taking drugs. Eating lots of sugary and fatty foods rewires the brain and the brain wants more of the same.  Pay attention to how certain foods make your feel. Typically, the more “clean” you eat, the better you feel.
  5. Remember, body weight is regulated by the brain. When you diet and change your weight, your brain pushes back and says, “No, this is my weight”–a weight your brain prefers. It’s like a thermostat in your home. The brain regulates the ups and downs. So eating fresh, whole foods over high fat processed ones will help your brain accept a lower weight and allow you to lower the thermostat.


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