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thinker-1027594_1920Can you make a decision and feel strong even if that decision turns out not to be the best? If so, you may be evidencing a type of mental strength.

Or are you the type of person who makes a mistakes and can’t let it go?

The answer to those questions has to do with confidence. Insecurity can lead a person to quickly doubt and crumble in the face of decision-making or challenges. But it is important to understand where our confidence comes from because even the strongest person carries a little self-doubt.

For the Christian, confidence is rooted in Christ. It is through His power that we can do all things.We put our confidence in Him, knowing He is leading and guiding our steps. As we begin to walk in His confidence, we ask the Holy Spirit for guidance, equip ourselves with knowledge and learn to master our emotions. It is often our emotional reactions that throw us into a tailspin or derail our goals. So emotional intelligence (our ability to be aware of our emotions and use them wisely) is related to mental strength. We don’t allow our feelings to hijack the thinking part of our brain.

In addition, author, Amy Moran, LCSW, wrote a book entitled, 13 Things Mentally Strong People Do Not Do. She says the mentally strong person doesn’t try to please everyone. This means you develop a position of your own and can take a position even when it goes against the tide. And if you are wrong, you don’t give up in the face of failure. The mentally strong person keeps going, doesn’t fear going it alone and doesn’t let others control her.

Change is embraced, even if change means taking some risks. In the midst of that change, the mentally strong person focuses on the here and now, pushing ahead with what can be controlled. And even when an outcome may not be good, the mentally strong person learn from mistakes and makes corrections for the next time.

Finally, Moran also tells us that mentally strong people don’t feel sorry for themselves and don’t resent the success of others. Related to this lack of victimization is the belief that the world doesn’t owe you anything. This helps a person celebrate others and continue to improve their own lives. Basically, to be mentally strong, one pushes forward no matter what and embraces life as a challenge.

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